I became a composer’,musician ,singer and technician out of curiosity and a permanent need to create. Therefore my music is not formatted metrically. So it does not correspond with the usual classification criteria of jazz,bosanova,jazz fusion, flamenco,rock, variety folk,ethnic. However it is influenced by all these genres i have played in concerts for years with many bands in many countries.
Now I can give you my compositions in which I play all the instruments myself. I also do the sound and mixing myself, so it is a true self production.I can also make specific music for pictures,,original texts,spiritual tales,and songs…… For the songs presented here,( I have created in one evening ),are untouched, with defects, to keep the first drafts natural and full of emotion.

In fact, I have laid myself bare, I play with my heart, and my soul, knowing that my music is not necessarily fashionable.
Listen to it, share it,talk about it, support it and enjoy it !!!!!

Thank you and have a good life !


Sylvain nuage











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